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Some Testimonials from various areas of Viv's work

“ . . . the major learning for me there is the efficacy of EFT with deep issues in the hands of a skilled therapist - even deep, painful issues and patterning can be relieved of their charge in a short time. And I loved the way it integrates with my Psychosynthesis way of working!” HW
“The amount of interactive material and theory was beautifully balanced. I felt seen, heard and well held by Viv and she gave us enough space to experience the work in practice.” DK
“Expansive, playful, spacious, exploratory, profound. Excellently organised, though flexible.” SL
“EFT is having a profound effect on me and my client work. Something has shifted in my presence in the room and I seem to have more access to Will energy - great for both me and clients. I notice it particularly when I have to move from Will to Love – the compassion I feel seems to be more held and firm somehow ... so glad I did the course! AH
“This has been a challenging and transformative experience - but the high point for me - after my initial scepticism - is that it works! Months later - and I am using EFT in my work with astounding results!” JO
"Working with Viv has been life changing for me. I have become amazed at the power of my own energy system and how healing this can be – even when I have not been quite sure what I was asking it to heal. Viv works with energy therapy as part of a whole range of theoretical modalities at her finger tips and was unerringly kind, if sometimes challenging, throughout our two years of working together. When I started with Viv I was full of fear and defensiveness and my world was limited and governed by alcohol. By the end (of our work together) the drinking had changed and I had even been in a lift for the first time, without my partner, in about 25 years – and I was convinced even when working on this that it was never going to happen …. I would encourage everyone to learn about their energy system – … it has more knowledge of our selves than we realise and, to my mind, is more ready to reveal itself (… than my intellect ... where I found I needed to work so much harder to achieve any understanding.) Muscle testing is the most extraordinary thing – even when I thought I could over-ride this my energy system would never let me!" AM
"Many years ago Viv was my training supervisor - and supervision with her was one of the highlights in the training. The group work was often surprising, energetic, profound and inspirational. Even when dealing with tricky dynamics or naming the unnameable - we felt safely held. When we had to change to another supervisor I joked that it felt like I was being ‘prised’ away from her. Now I’m a therapist myself - and I return for regular Skype supervision with Viv - she’s been a safe harbour for me." JH
"When I first came to therapy (with Viv) I was in a mess - labelling myself with certain symptoms and incapacities, convinced that nothing would change - in my body, my energy, in my life. Gradually Viv opened me to the resources and intelligence within that I’d ‘forgotten’. I now see myself as healthy and resourceful and instead of languishing at home, my creativity - and therefore my work - is thriving. There are still a few ‘default' fears - but I’m getting there … I also use EFT for myself and that’s been brilliant !" CT
"A really well designed course - well delivered with excellent manuals ... As a course trainer I experienced Viv as inspiring, passionate and committed. She was generous in sharing her experience with us and had a good capacity to balance support/encouragement and challenge." SP
"You always take great care with the group Viv - giving us lots of attention and respect, as well as working gently and safely. I always value your ‘realness’ and down to earth nature - as well as your intuitive, more psychic self." JY
"As a tutor - Viv was warm, intuitive and kind. I felt she embodied and demonstrated the work she was teaching in a really special way: my work with her in the demonstration - what a revelation! When I arrived on the course I was tired and felt congested - when I left I was re-energised and felt lighter. Even my partner commented how much better I looked!" AG
"I cannot say how much the sessions have helped and set me up for the next stage of my life. I feel truly blessed to have found you at the time I did and will miss seeing you enormously." EB