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Spontaneous Imagery (1991)

Allowing images to spontaneously emerge from the unconscious..... Download

The Creative “Holding” (1999)

It is important that the therapist be in touch with their own..... Download

Creative Expression in Psychotherapy (1999)

Non-verbal expression - such as artwork..... Download

Blood: Sacred and Taboo (1998)

Menopause, sometimes known as the change of life, is the ending of menstruation..... Download

motherlove: bringing the goddess out of exile (2002)

As my particular beginnings were of being given away..... Download

The Burden of Hope and Transformation (2005)

I want to offer you some of my thoughts and experiences..... Download

Imagination, Intentionality and the Will (2009)

As an artist I have always been fascinated by images..... Download

More than just a survivor (2012)

Viv Fogel was born in 1948 and adopted at ten months old by..... Download

Killing me softly (2014)

Emotional trauma embodied as physical pain can prove resistant to..... Download

The Embodied Experience (Part 1) (2015)

The first experience I had in a talk-therapy setting that..... Download

The Embodied Experience (Part 2) (2015)

Roberto Assagioli was interested in energy and exploring all..... Download

How do I connect with Nature? (2015)

Past: I remember those long windswept coastal..... Download

Incorporating EFT (2016)

Psychosynthesis is a transpersonal philosophy and approach to life..... Download

Tapping into Source (2018)

Psychosynthesis is a transpersonal philosophy and..... Download

Quotations and thoughts on Creativity

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