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EFT 2018

EFT for counsellors and psychotherapists
Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy Focused Therapy

A 3 weekend training course with Viv Fogel (UKCP, BACP and AAMET Master Trainer) for counsellors and psychotherapists who wish to integrate EFT or meridian tapping into their clinical practice.

Spring 2018: Level 1 February 17/18 Level 2 March 17/18 Level 3 April 21/22

Documents associated with my most current training are below. For bespoke training or workshops please contact me by telephone, +44 (0)789 123 6443 or email,

EFT 2018 Flyer
EFT Flyer 2018

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EFT 2018 Brochure
EFT Brochure 2018

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Some Testimonials from Viv's Energy Therapy courses

“ . . . the major learning for me there is the efficacy of EFT with deep issues in the hands of a skilled therapist - even deep, painful issues and patterning can be relieved of their charge in a short time. And I loved the way it integrates with my Psychosynthesis way of working!” HW
“The amount of interactive material and theory was beautifully balanced. I felt seen, heard and well held by Viv and she gave us enough space to experience the work in practice.” DK
“Expansive, playful, spacious, exploratory, profound. Excellently organised, though flexible.” SL
“EFT is having a profound effect on me and my client work. Something has shifted in my presence in the room and I seem to have more access to Will energy - great for both me and clients. I notice it particularly when I have to move from Will to Love – the compassion I feel seems to be more held and firm somehow ... so glad I did the course! AH
“This has been a challenging and transformative experience - but the high point for me - after my initial scepticism - is that it works! Months later - and I am using EFT in my work with astounding results!” JO


Confer - Saturday 15 December 2018 - London

Working with High Intensity States of Consciousness: Ego-disintegration or spiritual breakthrough?

There are still places available for this Confer day (9.30 for 10 - until 4.30) - which takes place at the NVCO, 8 All Saints Street, N1 9RL (on the canal).

This conference will explore links between high intensity states of consciousness: 'non-ordinary states’, the ‘unknowable' and the ‘numinous’, including archetypal penetration and crisis of meaning - and the interface between psychotic breakdown - and spiritual breakthrough.

The Event Details
Confer Consciousness

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The Event Venue
8 All Saints London N1

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